Modular Tanks

Modular Tanks Photo

  • The tanks are made with food grade resin and UV resistance for safe storage of drinking water.
  • Easy for one person to handle upon transportation and installation.
  • The 18″ x 18″ base which allows the tank to stay sturdy on leveled ground.
  • Other Modular Tanks can be attached to the main tank, because of it’s cuboid shape.
  • The tanks can be connected with a 2″ bulkhead fitting.
  • Any number of tanks can be attached together. This depends on the amount of water that needs to be collected.
  • The top 8″ lid allows the installation of the In and Over-Flow Component and attachment of other modular tanks. It also allows the bottom of the tank to be cleaned by a hand pump.
  • The air vent prevents a vacuum situation in the tank and allows a smooth flow during the water delivery.
  • The bottom 3/4″ delivery outlet can be connected to make a delivery system to use the collected water.
  • It has the capacity to hold 55 gallons of water.
  • There are various colors to match one’s house color, wall color, fence color, or to blend with the landscape.
  • Other uses;
    • Water storage for the following;
      • Emergency uses
      • Boats and ships
      • Recreation vehicles and camping
      • Remote places

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